Iowa State University – Alumni Center

The ISU Alumni Center was built on a hillside with grand stairs leading to the Iowa State Center. The west side features an entrance with a circular drive and extensive landscaping.  Because it was built on a hill, it required permanent wall stabilization consisting of steel H-beams, tie backs, and permanent wood lagging. The structure consists of cast-in-place concrete footings, concrete walls, structural steel columns and beams, bar-joists and metal roof decking.  The exterior wall finish includes exterior steel studs, concrete masonry units, finish brick, and limestone materials.  The 34,500 sf facility consists of three levels that house mechanical spaces, office spaces, student activity rooms, banquet & conference rooms, and a center lounge-type setting with a gas fireplace.  The interior has ceramic tile, wood floors, carpet and wood base throughout.  Also featured in this project are a geothermal heating and cooling system, full sprinkler system, and elevator for access.

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