Master Builder Achievement Award Presented to Woodruff Employee

180227 Kevin Master Builder Achievement Award 2018.jpg

Kevin Larsen, Field Operations Manager for Woodruff Construction, LLC, was one of only four people in the state of Iowa to receive the Master Builder Achievement Award at the MBI Winter Conference 2018.

Master Builders of Iowa outlines the extensive continuing education required to achieve this award:

“Master Builder Designation program credits are awarded in the areas of Leadership, Project Management, Ecological Construction, Ethics, and Safety, with virtually every education program that MBI offers providing credits in one or more of these areas. The Master Builder Achievement Award is earned when an individual surpasses 150 credits and fulfills the requirements in each of the areas listed above.

Kevin has reached a professional development goal of earning the Master Builder Designation. We admire the dedication to personal growth and lifelong learning required to reach this point. Accumulating the number of educational credits needed to receive the Master Builder Designation is no easy feat, and this is a great accomplishment.”

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