Woodruff Employee Resources

Below are many resources available for Woodruff employees. They can be used to find your tool inventory, view your job site from the sky, document your hours, or hear from the specialists of the company about how to best achieve certain tasks.


Dominate is a tool used by our warehouses, logicians, and superintendents to keep the company's inventory running smoothly and efficiently.

TimeForce II

Time Force is used by the company to record employee time and job costs.


Woodruff Videos

Woodruff has many aerial videos of job sites around the state, instructional videos by our specialists, and talks from government and industry organizations. If you have skills you wish to share, please contact Tony.



Timberscan is our invoice submission system. 

Tool Order Site

Our tool order forms can be found by clicking the tape measure above. They are organized by cost code.

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